Live Training By Author & Finance Expert - Precious Mvulane 

BASIC 10-Day Program

This runs for two days in one week every month for five months (a total of 10 days) to allow you to implement what you have learnt in each session. 


If you are an entrepreneur that has been operating for more than one year but no more than three years, you have matric (at least) and a business generating at least R100k per year, then this is for you. The initial value of the material is R15 500. Get it now at a discounted value of R8500. Find out and attend the next series in your province and Precious will teach you how to:

  • Develop and manage your business financial goals and key performances

  •  Determine the appropriate structure for your business

  • Understand your obligations as a Director

  •  Meet your obligations as a Tax Payer

  • now your obligations as an Employer

  •  Meet your obligations as a Trader

  • Set financial controls and utilise them to manage your finance activities

  •  Design your own management accounts using Key Performance Indicators

  •  Understand financial terminology and how it relates to your daily operations

  • Cost and price your products and services

  •  Compile budgets and projections for your business

  •  Manage cash flow in your business

  •  Put the key finance role players in place and be clear about what they should be doing

  •  Build financial management systems for your business

  • Understand the financial performance of your business

  •  Finance your business and how to prepare for a funder/investor meeting, and

  •  SO MUCH MORE!...

What Past Attendees Have To Say:

 Indonsa Consulting & Training


I learnt about building processes to ensure business sustainability vs using business finances for personal or day to day requirements.

Afrodammes Media


I learnt the importance of developing systems that will grow my business.

Durban Motion Pic.


I learnt that as SMME's we focus on making money more than growing the business.


5-Day Program

This runs 1 day a week every second week for 3 months.

If you are an entrepreneur with a post graduate degree, have been operating for at least 3 years but no more than 5 years and have a business that is generating at least R500k per year then this is for you.

At R4250 this is a 70% saving that you won’t want to miss out on!

Advanced 1-Day 


This program runs for 1 full day

If you are an entrepreneur with a have a post graduate degree, have been operating for more than 3 years and have a business generating at least R1-million per year, then this day will polish up a few finance skills. 

This program normally goes for R2800. To celebrate our book launch, you get it for R850 per person. 

A massive 70% off!