Distance Learning Programme

An opportunity to put EVERYTHING COVERED IN THE BOOK into practice in your own time and space - with a comprehensive pack to guide you through the process.

Essential Finance CD pack with:

  • Financial Goals Template

  • Business Structure Considerations Checklist

  •  Action List to complete for your business before looking for partners or shareholders

  • Partnership Agreement Checklist and Template

  • Public Interest Score Calculator

  • Memorandum of Incorporation Checklists

  • Resolutions: Special Resolution Template, General Resolution Template

  • Consumer Protection Act – Compliance Checklist

  •  Companies Act – Compliance Checklist

  • Basic Conditions of Employment Act – Implementation Plan

  • Turnover Tax Quick Test for Individual and Companies

Essential Finance Work File with:

  • Full content of the book

  • Tools

  • Client case studies

  •  Checklists and

Essential Finance Audio Book with:

  • Full content of the book for you to listen to any time, and

  • Put any time you spend commuting to great use!

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